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Distinct Coloring Earns Distinct Success

Slot-car style home achieves a bold look

By Mark Robins, Senior Editor, Metal Construction News

Craig and Julie Nothstine’s Green Bay, Wis., house’s extruded surface has vibrant yellow bands that weave around its facade giving its exterior the appearance of a large-scale racetrack, which reflects the owner's hobby of slot car racing.

The house underwent a change when its original Fiberglas exterior was covered with a new system of sheet metal installed by Manitowoc, Wis.-based Crafts Inc. Steve Weinert, president at Crafts, explains: “The building shape is very complex, making the layout and shaping of the tight radiuses a challenge for both the factory curving and for the field team.  As the roof panel system goes inverted, the panel system needs to change for environmental design reasons, which added to the challenge. The complex eyebrows from walls to the panels have been somewhat freeform and organic in the original fiberglass covered design, requiring hand fabricated panels to be created to ‘flow’ the building construction together.”

The house is on a bluff overlooking the bay just outside of Green Bay, Wisconsin.  “The landscaping and steepness of the jobsite required extra care and the building of platform scaffolding to get the craftsmen the access needed,” says Weinert. “Winter off the bay in Wisconsin is a challenge, with jobsite winds and low temperatures slowing outside renovation work at times. The Nothstine family lived in the home throughout the process which required extra care in safety, personal privacy and event schedules between the field team and the family members.”  

Using a distinctly colored, almost iridescent, metal panel system from Burlington, N.J.-based Merchant & Evans Inc., Crafts restored the original design envisioned by the project’s Chicago-based architect Doug Garofalo. Garofalo, who died in July 2012, was known for creating striking designs using a computer. The new exterior paneling system was hand fabricated and installed throughout a year-long renovation at the site. The new exterior covering creates a bolder color effect.