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   Chester County Exton Library







ALUMINIZED 409 STAINLESS STEEL was the product of choice for this library re-roof project. As a strategic collaborator of AK Steel’s new roofing material, Merchant & Evans was able to provide an alternate superior product in lieu of the Terne Coated Stainless Steel.



With terne coated stainless steel not yet available to the marketplace, M&E consulted with the Design Team and suggested the Aluminized 409 Stainless Steel as a superior and economically advantageous product offering a similar look with outstanding corrosive resistance.  The 409 stainless steel is hot dipped with aluminum to improve the corrosive resistance and thereby extending the service life (30 year warranty) of the material.  In addition, the material was dramatically enhanced by applying AK Steel’s Greystone Matte® non-directional surface finish to reduce light reflectivity and provide a more uniform surface appearance.   



Once the material was selected, we focused our attention on what panel system was appropriate for this re-roof project.  After reviewing several of our products, it was apparent that with the long lengths of the main building (114’) coupled with the potential snow load and weathertight concerns of both the architect and owner, ZIP-RIB® was chosen to be the proper system to handle everything.



A competitive bid process was conducted and Patriot Roofing, Inc. out of Jobstown, NJ was awarded the contract. Patriot coordinated the jobsite roll forming process with our manufacturing manager to take advantage of our ability to tilt our equipment in order to roll form the panel directly to the roof. This process saved everyone time and money and the entire 20,800SF was roll formed in one (1) day.  With this being a re-roof project, time was critical to tear off the existing cedar shake and replace it with the standing seam metal roof material as this facility remained open during the work being done.



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