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   Dodgert Stadium Concession Stands





In late February there was a meeting at the Dodger Stadium construction trailer whereby members of Merchant & Evans, Inc., Specialty Building Components, Letner Roofing and Hunt Construction were present to determine which areas of the ball park were to be addressed, panel widths, color scheme options and most importantly the delivery schedule to meet the opening day deadline of April 01, 2013!


Upon review of the latest revised drawings, the specific buildings were identified and scope of work was defined.  The architect had a certain custom color panel width pattern design whereby there were a combination of 16” ZIP-RIB® and 12” ZIP-RIB® panels in to be utilized on both the wall areas as well as the roof areas. There were also areas where our 311-12 Flush-Lock panels were to be installed in specific soffit conditions on specific buildings.  Once the scope was defined, we discussed color scheme options.  With Less than 30 days until material had to be on site for installation to occur, M&E offered our standard in stock colors which provided a very similar color scheme to the custom color scheme originally desired. M&E confirmed with our facilities people that upon receipt of a bill of materials we committed to meeting the construction schedule based on the plan of action that had been discussed at length and agreed upon as the proper manner in which to proceed.


Over the next week our plan of action was presented to the architect for final approval in order to move forth to meet the schedule.  While the architect appreciated the efforts and resulting plan of action, his original design called for a custom color scheme. Several subsequent conversations happened over the next several days which led to the only option available, produce the panels in mill finish aluminum and have the installed material field painted in the desired colors the architect designed which would allow installation of the material to take place and the painting could be scheduled as the installation of each area was complete. Finally, we all had an approved plan of action and we worked closely with Letner Roofing to determine the final bill of materials for all the panel profiles to be used and the quantities of each width and length. Within days, we had the fabricated panel profiles on a truck heading west to the stadium. Letner Roofing did an amazing job installing the panels in record time and coordinating the painting of all profiles to meet the opening day schedule. Final twist was all work was to be completed the week before opening day so that all of the concession stand kitchen equipment could be tested prior to opening day ensuring that everything was functional to handle the crowds the ball park receives for each game, especially Opening Day!