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   Jackson Barracks Joint HQ Annex Facility

Jackson Barracks Joint HQ Annex Facility

New Orleans, Louisiana





Strategic Partnerships Pay Off!


Merchant & Evans forms Strategic Partnerships with select vendors that provide our authorized installing contractors project opportunities with unique materials, complimentary systems and specialized services.  Case in point, our Strategic Partnership with Rheinzink was extremely helpful in securing the Jackson Barracks Joint HQ Annex Facility in New Orleans.



The material required for the project was Rheinzink’s 1.0mm thick Pre-weathered Blue Gray Zinc, but the project also had some long length panels and a weather tight warranty requirement. The 29,000SF of ZIP-RIB® (2.5” high SSMR) was right panel system to handle the project needs!



We contacted Rheinzink to explain the issues of this project that the original low bidder pulled his bid because they realized their bid was too low to do the project and unfortunately we were now being held to this low budget number. The discussions went well with Rheinzink and they were able to assist us in bringing the overall pricing down for the material.  We then contacted one of our Authorized Installers, Gravity-Ratterman to see if they could work with our newest pricing in order to install this material for the overall installed budget number.  With some give and take with the General Contractor, a deal was struck and the installation was back on.



With some tricky details of Hips, Valleys, Transitions and a virtually flat peak roof Gravity’s Expert Craftsmanship was really tested, especially with the Zinc material, but they handled everything professionally to provide another quality installation!