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The Original building in the photo on the left was completed using a Corus “Kal-Zip” panel in which the owner wanted to match that profile.  With the advent of Corus pulling their personnel and support teams back to the UK, Team Roofing of Richmond, VA worked with Merchant & Evans to rescue the project!

Merchant & Evans ZIP-RIB® a 2.5” High Standing Seam Metal Roofing System has a long, distinguished history and reputation in the market.  They asked us to modify our standard profile to closely resemble the panel on the original sight.  Our flexibility and cooperation to change our tooling on our portable roll forming equipment to run a panel to the width and three pencil rib configuration to satisfy the project needs went a long way with everyone involved.

However, this was only one hurdle that we needed to surpass; the next was securing the integrated skylight system.  With some quick research, we were able to find a skylight vendor to partner with that manufactured a similar system take care of the project needs.

As you can see of the 57,000SF of the .040 Aluminum material coated in a special silver color, there are areas with panel lengths that exceed 300’ where the skylights run parallel to the standing seams for a significant portion of the roof length.  Merchant & Evans staged our portable roll forming equipment on our tilt trailer at the end of the one side of the roof area that allowed us to shoot the panels directly to the roof line.  This was a tremendous labor/time saver for the project as our crew was completed the roll forming process in less than three days!